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Default DX8 Throttle Curve and DLE 30ccCan't get it right....

I have the DLE 30cc on an Aeroworks Extra 300. The servo end points are set that when the stick is down, the carb is closed. When the stick is up, the carb is all the way open. Watching it move, the throttle valve seems to open in a proportional manner. That is, as I move the stick slowly upwards is slowly opens more and more as you would expect.

However, when running, the engine is not reacting this way. It slowly advances from idle to full but reaches full throttle at 50% stick. Moving the stick up and down between 50% and 100% doesn't change the speed.

I have tried to set the "curve" in the transmitter but can't get it right. What is "expo" on the throttle too? Do I need a curve and expo?

If I want to advance the thottle slowly and get to full power with the stick all the way up, how should the curve look? I had to clear it out. Mine was not right at all.

Thanks for the help!