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Default RE: DX8 Throttle Curve and DLE 30ccCan't get it right....

I've wondered about this too. When I set up a new engine I run it upto full throttle on the ground and then reduce the transmitter's throttle endpoint until I hear an RPM drop.As you mightexpect the carb butterfly is no where near full open when you first heartheRPM begin to drop. Thisappears to besignificant on both the DLE30 and55 of mine and probably all gassers. The goal I think for everybody is to get an RPM change for every click of the throttle and for those that set up throttle curves, to get an evensmaller change at the pointon the stick position youchoose. Although as stated, prop size can affect RPM change in the upper range of throttle. But I'm wondering that if by backing down the upper endpoint of the throttle servo, if I may be limiting my max RPM of the engine while inflight?