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Default RE: DX8 Throttle Curve and DLE 30ccCan't get it right....

WOW it can be done better mechanically huh. Thanks but I'll stick to the reason I bought the computer radio. It makes life sooo much easier. I started out flying helis many many many years ago, before computer radios were even heard of. We had to set up a throttle curve to match the pitch position mechanically and man what a chore that was. I thank GOD for the new computer radios because I now spend time flying instead of cutting, grinding and adjusting.

Also, I can think of at least one very good reason not to limit the throttle travel to the position gaining speed on the ground. After the engine unloads in flight it will need more air to complement the extra rpm's it is now turning. Remember it is an air pump and the more rpm's it turns, the more air it pumps and the more power it makes.