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Default RE: DX8 Throttle Curve and DLE 30ccCan't get it right....


Remember it is an air pump and the more rpm's it turns, the more air it pumps and the more power it makes.
The pumping of air is at max when engine is at max torque- after that even tho rpm may increase - flow thru the engine decreases.
The example you give is true -up til max torque rpm occurs
Yhe only devices where flow keeps increasing is in positive displacement pumps- like a GMC blower- I used to run one on a Olds -on the street - zippy-
When the model is at full power and not moving - it may be at full (max) flow (power)
as the prop unloads in th air - power (flow) is typically decreasing but rpm is increasing .
In a dive - wide open -the thing may scream- but actual power is down.
The reason the rpm goes way up, is that actual load on the engine is decreasing
setting throttle linkage to power delivered is a moving target -
the old mechanical adj is the most simple as typically gassers have max response at lower end of throttle movement.