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Default RE: DX8 Throttle Curve and DLE 30ccCan't get it right....

I'll stop with the problem with the formula -
The formula give peak possible flow - Once the engine reaches peak flow /max pressure - the additional rpm has LESS flow -per revolution - but more per minute-simply because the air can't flow faster under the existing condition. ports carb - valve size -etc..
When you supercharge or turbo charge or on two strokes - add pipe setup- you increase flow capability andy typically at higher rpm.
Or going back a looong way - I ran a flathead ford with 3 carbs enlarged radiused ports - releived block from valves to piston - headers and a cam which allowed for longer dwell times on n on -
It would blow off th then new performance Chev s - But being no fool - I abandoned the Ford -and went for the small block Chev-
It's all about flow potential