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Default RE: DX8 Throttle Curve and DLE 30ccCan't get it right....


The VE thing is very confusing. Most folks think just because the engine reaches peak volumetric efficiency it can't flow any more air as it spins faster. It does continue to flow more air, just not at the same efficiency level as when at peak. That's why the torque level starts falling. However the engine does still continue to ingest more air/fuel as the rpm's rise and as a byproduct makes more Horse Power at those higher rpm's assuming it is properly setup and tuned for that rpm level. I've been building race engines for about 40 years now and although I've quit driving professionally I did so for just a little over 30 years. The VE thing kicked my butt early on and it took a while for me to understand and believe Volumetric Efficiency greater than 100% was possible on a normally aspirated engine. ICE's are what have been my motivation for getting out of bed now for 50 years. Sorry, I'll stop rattling, I just love this stuff.
Yes it ingests more air per minute but actually less per each per revolution
That's the rub-
that's why HP is rpm revs per minute - a time function
and torque is an instantaneous reading
If it could ingest more per cycle - the torque would increase
Glad to see another old hot rodder still going after it - I built my first full blown setup - a flathead in 1955.
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