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Well guys this thing has thrown me for a loop. We picked up 3 tanks from a garage sale and two were easy as Heng Long's but this sucker I cannot find anything on. There are absolutely no identifying marks on it, no stickers, nothing. Sorry for the blurry pics but I hope someone might be able to tell us something about it. It appears to be 1/16 scale but I could be wrong, it's approx 450cm long and is slightly larger than the other two tanks so it leads me to believe that we are close on the scale. To make matters worse there was no transmitter for it. Thanks for the help.

Many years ago, I had four (4) of those puppies. They were the only R/C tank that could pop a wheelie and chase down a rabbit.. Originally, in the 1990s, they were sold by an outfit in Deerfield, Illinois called Chicago Model International. They cost about $120. Their instruction manual says they are 1/20th scale. They were fast (like warp speed) and didn't last very long. The R/C circuit board was weak. I ended up sending all 4 back for repairs, for a flat fee of $25 each and they fixed them. I also have an instruction maual on that same tank that has the name Megatech on it, the date on that manual is 1998. I think a number of sources sold that tank under their name. I ended up using the motor/transmission assemblies on some of my scratchbuilt tanks but with different circuit boards.

Those things were fun toys, but not dependable. I wouldn't advise doing anything with it except putting it on a shelf as an example of what was available back in the "olden days of R/C tanks". I still have a box of miscellaneous "parts and stuff" from those things.