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Default RE: transmitter upgrade

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Hey everyone. I have a Futaba T7cap transmitter. I would like to upgrade it to a 2.4 ghz. What is the best product out there to do it with. I have multiple airplanes and receivers, would it be best to just stay as I am or upgrade. I have seen the conversions in the Model Aviation mag. I really don't fly with a lot of people since we don't have a flying field. I always fly at Gary Wards airstrip here in my hometown of Lincolnton Ga. So are the benefits of 2.4 ghz really beneficial to me?
Futaba, JR/Spektrum, Hitec, Airtronics, all offer quality 2.4 systems. There are others, of course, such as inexpensive brands from Hobby King, etc.. The Hitec Aurora 9 supports both Hitec 2.4 and Hitec/Futaba 72Mhz, which would allow you to use your existing 72Mhz Futaba Rx's with the A9, as well.