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Default RE: sanding sealer before covering

I like to use Sig Nitrate dope. Thin it 50/50 with dope thinner and just bush it on. As one old molder said, "It makes the fuzz stand up". Give it a week or two to off gas after that before covering. When the dope smell goes away it's ready.

Study up on dope first if you haven't used it before. The fumes are lethal in a non ventilated area and there is budarate, "spelling?" dope that never stops off gassing and will peel anything you cover it with.

I'm going to do a test with that hair spray idea.

P.S. around the firewall area and tank compartment on glow plains I use 30 min epoxy thinned 50/50 with denatured alcohol to help with fuel proofing.