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Default RE: losi 42cc big block xxl

ORIGINAL: art2010

the cluch bell on the engine has a gear that gear spins the nitro cluch bell and that turns the main gear of the tranny so i beleve it will work let say the engine turns 5-6000 rpms then from gearing the nitro cluch bell spins faster and then turns the tranny so hopefully it works
Well, regardless of how its geared (it sounds like you have it set up so it should work), you just need to make sure that your rpm is turning fast enough at the spur gear to get the 2spd clutch to engage so it shifts.

I dont think the drivetrain is going to hold up for very long with that amount of power. I'll go out on a limb and estimate that 42cc chainsaw engine to put out a real-world 2-3hp, whereas the stock .28 glow engine probably put out 1.5hp and that might even be a tad optimistic. Also, the torque from the chainsaw engine will probably be in the 1-3 foot pounds whereas the glow engine is probably 150-175 inch pounds so I'd be leary of the stock drivetrain holding up.

I'd still like to see some bigger pictures, mainly to see how you have the engine mounted and the gear setup. Definitely a "thinking outside the box" idea, for sure.