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Default RE: 500 Dollars how to pick a radio

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Well I've managed to sneek a bit over 500 bucks to spend on my little addiction, just 2 years ago I went and got a new Futaba 7Cap then I learned that it dont have enought programing fetures to allow 4 servos in the wing to do 3 things 1 all 4 acting as a strip aleron, 2. crow and 3 flaps,,, so its back to buying another radio -Hitec Futaba JR ?????? or say the heck with it and buy a bunch of engines covering glue and start back building agian ??
Unless you visit an RC Trade Show or go to a local Flying Field, it is unlikely you will ever know if the Tx you intend to buy has all the programming you need now or in the future. The literature and manuals tell you how to input data into the parameter fields, but they do not cover all the possible scenarios you may encounter. If you knew you had specific needs, ahead of time, you should have called the manufacturer's tech support and asked.

I am not blaming you for not buying enough radio for your needs. Many of us have run into the same problem.

Most transmitters have a number of Canned Programs, such as Flapperons, Elevons, Elevator to Flap, Aileron to Rudder, etc.. They also have one or more Programmable Mixers (PM). The PM's fill in the gaps but rely upon your imagination to solve your problem. Some PM's get you where you want to go and others fall short.

The higher end the transmitter, the more Canned Programs and the more parameters in the PM's.