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Default Another 72 mhz. vs 2.4 question

I have a futaba 9CAP that I have been flying on 72 mhz for 8 years and I have NEVER even had a glitch with this radio.I am about to fly my new 35% aeroworks extra 300 and a few of the guys at the field are telling me that I have a far greater chance of getting shot down with the 72 mhz than the 2.4. I understand that the 2.4 is the best thing out there and I don't want to risk a $3000 airplane any more than the next guy, but I do wonder if the 72 mhz on PCM is that vulnerable. I know that if I want to take it to a major fly-in that I will be required to be on 2.4. At that time I will make the decision of a TM-8 module or maybe even go out and buy a new 10C system.Do you guys think that it is that risky to still use the 72 mhz technology?
Thanks for your imput.