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Default RE: Another 72 mhz. vs 2.4 question

ORIGINAL: BuschBarber
72Mhz is vecoming more of a risk, with the glut of older 72 stuff for sale cheap.

ORIGINAL: Brian Dorff

I agree with Dick. also, as more and more people move to 2.4, the 72mhz band will open up more and your chances of being shot down is less, as long as your club is still using the frequency board and people are not becoming lazy about using it correctly. (some clubs dont even use a board anymore, or are 2.4 only!)
Here is where 2.4 blows 72 out of the water! Two statements, two conflicting conclusions. I agree with BuschBarber here. People not trained in the use of frequency boards, or rouge RCers are picking up 72mhz equipment for cheap. They go to the local park, the local open field and fire up their new (used) equipment. How do you know that you are more than 3 miles away when that happens?