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Default RE: Another 72 mhz. vs 2.4 question

I think that the TM-8 with 6008 receiver is the way I'm leaning. The only question I have now is will 8 channels be sufficient. I don't have any extra gadgets on the plane, I am flying with the standard 4 channels and have the ailerons on 1 and 6. I am also using a smart-fly EQ10 that everything will be running through. I have been very resistant of going to the 2.4 systems because I love my 9c and also because I don't have the funds to buy 6 or 7 new receivers, but this way, I can start with 1 outfit and add new receivers as funds allow. In the meantime, I can still use my 9c to fly the planes with my old PCM receivers.
Thanks for all the comments.