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Default RE: Another 72 mhz. vs 2.4 question

ORIGINAL: flyerdave

I think that the TM-8 with 6008 receiver is the way I'm leaning. The only question I have now is will 8 channels be sufficient. I don't have any extra gadgets on the plane, I am flying with the standard 4 channels and have the ailerons on 1 and 6. I am also using a smart-fly EQ10 that everything will be running through. I have been very resistant of going to the 2.4 systems because I love my 9c and also because I don't have the funds to buy 6 or 7 new receivers, but this way, I can start with 1 outfit and add new receivers as funds allow. In the meantime, I can still use my 9c to fly the planes with my old PCM receivers.
Thanks for all the comments.
The Hitec Aurora 9 would allow you to use all your existing Futaba 72Mhz PPM receivers, any of the Hitec 2.4 receivers, and still have 9 channels. The price is very reasonable, as well.
I, personally, sold my 9C when the JR9303 came out and then I bought the Spektrum 2.4 module. Unlike the 9C, all 9 channels are proportional whether you are using the cheaper 9 channel PPM receivers, 9 channel PCM receivers, or the JR/Spektrum 9 channel 2.4Ghz receivers. You also get Flight Modes, Flaps on a Switch, the Mate Function, etc.

The 9th channel on the 9C is not Proportional (only a Switch) and only works with the more expensive Futaba PCM receivers. There are no third party PCM receivers.

Futaba has some nice replacements for the 9C but they came out too late for me.