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Default RE: sanding sealer before covering

ORIGINAL: jester_s1

I always think it's funny how half a dozen guys can say they've done something, then some other guy shows up and says it can't be done!

To contribute now, I had a model where the wood was really fuzzy and I brushed a very light coat of water based polyurethane on. It raised the grain so I sanded it and tack clothed it, then put on one more light coat. The Ultracote stuck better to that airframe than it had on anything else I had done (only a few planes, but results are results). Sticking down the fuzzies makes for a good covering job and I didn't add more than a couple grams of weight to a .40 size air frame.
Different strokes for different folks. If you system works good for you then it's a good system, for you.

If you completely seal the Balsa then you could run into issue where air bubbles get trapped etc.,, I don't think that's what the anyone is alluding too with their recomendations though.

I've just never in all my years had any issues getting the stuff to stick, to wood or to itself. When I sand balsa it ends up smooth as a babies bottom,, not sure what this "fuzzies" issue is all about.

The most important thing is have it 100% dust free,, I use an air compressor with a spray nozzle to blast the dust out of the grain and off everything,, sometimes if it just a small amount of dust I'll use my heat gun one low inside the shop

Good luck