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Default RE: Where can i find P-51B Canopy?

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To answer couple of the questions on the P-51 B model canopy I have gotten, I take a standard P-51D canopy and since the front shape on both is very similiar I cut the back half off and build the frame around the front section with styrene plastic strips. I use the measurments on the P-51 D plans to determine where to make the cut.

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??????? above is a copy/paste from http://<font color=''#00265e''>http:.../tm.htm</font>

Good that u mentioned this trick as i was thinking of asking the same question if "D model" canopy could somehow be modified to make a "B model" canopy.. Can you show me where n how you make ur cuts, this way i wont be guesstimating anything in risk of ruining the canopy.