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Yea xtm uses those also. look up on youtube videos on the new xtm with the viper system in it. that should give you a good idea of what it does in a 1/10 buggy.they seem pretty decent. i would just try to find user reviews. i personally havent used it if thats what you were looking for. but its pretty new so i dont think anyone has had the chance to try it out yet. like i said, your best bet is to prob find user reviews for the people that did get it.
Viper RC is some high end stuff. It's on par with Tekin, quality-wise. XTM's stuff, on the other hand, uses Hobbywing electroncis. Please, don't confuse the two. It's like confusing a Tekin G11 with one of those Chinese Futaba MC330R copies.
Didnt know that lol. im sure everyone uses all sorts of different brands and call them their own huh?