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Default RE: asp piston on OS 46FX ???!!!!!

ORIGINAL: tony0707


Uusually, the cost of a piston and liner replacement will signal the time to purchase a new complete engine
have to consider the wear on the other engine partsthat has taken place
could be throwing good money away-you could be applying to the new one long run
best regards Tony

This is very much a blanket statement...

Different parts of one engine wear-out at different rates and some can be cheaply replaced several times, before the engine atains paper-weight status.
Pricing is another matter...

OS don't want you to repair your engine and prefer that you buy a new one from them... So they state an outrageous price on their P+L set...
But if you can get an ASP set for under $16 from China, you get a new, even longer lease on the life of your $130 OS engine.

Sure beats buying a new engine, doesn't it?