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Default 3.5yr old building 1st kit!!!!!

Well, my son and I are starting his first official build together! Last spring I bought him a Great Planes PT 60 (kit of course) and put it up until the right time. For whatever reason, I just felt like the right time was now so we got it down and began the build on Monday 9/5. It is really special to me to have him building this plane with me and even though he is young, he is very intellegent and learning very quickly! He has been fiddling around down in my "airplane room" since he was in his bouncy seat so seeing me build is nothing new to him.
My first plane was also a PT trainer in a .40size however and I really loved how it flew. My plan is to let him work on the kit whenever he feels like it and to keep each build session to approx 20min. so that his interest is not lost. So far, he has helped with everything from inventory of parts, laying plans out, pinning parts down, glueing, sanding and using a Zona saw to cut stuff. We are done with the tail feathers and halfway into the fuse so far and it is going to be a super easy build. I am planning on keeping the kit true to stock form except for adding a bit of area to the rudder. I am also planning on building both a "beginner wing and a sport wing" so that we may interchange the two if we so desire and both will be bolt down.

I plan (as of now) to use a Saito .72, DS821 servos and prob. an A123 RX pack

My son wants the plane to look like "Buzz Lightyear" so should be interesting to say the least. I will try and get some pics when I can...I don't have access at this point in time to a computer at home though so it may be a while before I can get them loaded.

Just curious to hear from others who have done this very thing with your children and how it went. I do have an old computer with RealFlight on it and he will be playing around on that while we build this plane. Hopefully, it will be done by his 4th birthday in Dec. Hopefully this adventure will spark his desire and result in a lifelong love for the hobby....hoping and praying it will!