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Default RE: 3.5yr old building 1st kit!!!!!

Well I will share my experance.

I had built a Kadet before we ever had any kids, frist two were girls and then came our son. He was a big hand full and always very busy, he came to the field every once in awhile but never showed much interst.. I always told myself that I would never push my kids into anything, so when he turned 5 he finaly asked if he could try. We tryed it a few times and he would try if for a few secounds and gave me the transmitter and ran off to do other things. Next flying season came and he asked me again if he could have a go, I pulled out the Kadet and took it up and handed him the transmitter. By they end of the day he was flying all by him self, at age seven he had a great planes extra. At 8 he was flying electric jets and 3d props, at 11 he went on to turbines. He just turned 14 and while we were at the jet world masters he flew noon time demos almost everday. He builds and flys ever spare minute he has and when we are on the road to differant events he talks his face off. I have for the last few years had to pick up fuel in 45 gallon drums so that I can keep up with his endless enger.