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Default RE: Hangar 9 produced the Twin Otter!

ORIGINAL: tomkip

I'm new to this site but have been totally impressed with the string regarding the Hanger 9 Twin Otter. I'm going to get one soon, but need to ask folks like JoeMamma about going to 3-bladed props. i did not see in any string the recommended prop size for 3-bladed and also wonder if the 25 size electric motor can turn them or do I need to go to the 32 size withthe 3-blade? This is one beautiful airplane and I want to do it right!
Hi tomkip,

The only reason I used the large 3-blade props was I was trying to achieve a scale look to the real U.S.A.F. UV-18 Otter. I also painted the prop tips and prop spinners in a scale fashion.

The only scale-like 3-blade props I could find were Master Airscrew's. Unfortunately these are not electric-style props so they are very heavy. Consequently, I needed the bigger Power 32 motors to spin those heavy props. One downside is I'm pulling (from what I remember) over 80 amps on takeoff. Another downside is using my existing, smaller 4-cell 3300mah lipos.........flight times are only about 6 minutes.

From the fellahs I've met on the net, they are telling me the Power 25's will work great on this Otter, but you must use 2-bladers'.

This is the price I pay for a scale look.

Joe M.