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ORIGINAL: afterburner

I would have still bought the Reaction Kit that I bought five years ago except I would have stuck a P-70 or a Rabbit in it instead of the P-60 I have in there. If you like building, then this kit will be one of the best you ever put together. It was a pleasure to build and every part fits great with a manual that's second to none. It's built tough and great for short grass fields. Really the ultimate first jet IMO. I'm just not a fan of the twin boom design. Good luck with whatever you pick.

My thoughts exactly! The Reaction was my first turbine and I would do it again if just starting. If you love building then it's THE plane to build. You can modify it to look very unique. The twin boomers fly great but I just can't see myself flying one, not even a King Cat

Originally mine had a P-60 but I have recently started flying it again with a Wren Super Sport and it's a blast. Though most of my flying is off of asphalt, I have flown the Reaction from grass and even an eight foot wide dirt road.