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Default RE: Turnigy Good or Bad?

Thanks you much for your input so far folks. It's much appreciated. It's interesting to note the strength of Turnigy customers' loyalty. With them being so inexpensive, I can see how people start off with them. "Eh, it's cheap... why not give it a try and see what happens." Then you guys get used to the results.

Now I wonder: What about operating characteristis? Do these motors stay cool if given a reasonable amount of airflow? Is the power output well balanced with power draw and does this change over the course of a flight? People say "yeah, I haven't had any issues", but do these little cans perform as well? (Or is it "Oh they were cheap, I can't expect much out of them.")

blvdbuzzard - Poll updated. I didn't have this as an option before, because I really can't imagine something priced this far below the field could be of any sort of quality.