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Default Harris smoke pump powering?

I have a goldwing/redwing MX2 30cc....
Currently powered by a 2300mAh L¡fe (servos and radio)
The ignition is powered via a 2s2c 2100mAh Lipo with the voltage reduced from a UBEC.
All (6) servos are Power HD DS090M.

Now i'm looking into adding a smoke system, and have stumbled across the harris smoke pump.... i'm leaning towards it as it is small and light.. i'd rather not carry around too much dead weight!
Would I be fine using the RX powered version or better with the externally powered version?
The problem I see is that if I use the externally powered version.. and I use the ignition battery i'll allow noise to re-enter the radio system. (there is an opto-isolating kill switch).
But If I use RX Power there is a danger of emptying everything....... HOwever with RX power I can simply disconnect it from the RX for day to day use, being secure that it does not draw any current.

My intention is really only to use the smoke at events... club days, public exhibitions (which I have started doing this year). etc... where I would generally just be doing one flight and starting from a full charge... My intention is not to use it "every day". (other than when testing, in which case I can take the spare LIFE to the club).