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Default RE: Roto motor 35FS

Ive been flying gas for a few years now. I have a DA 100 and an OS 55GT and a DLE 20 and my last engine was this roto motor. I have had great success with everyone of my other gas engines and especially havent had any problems with spark boxes. I installed the roto motor spark box just like all my other engines and it was just sent from the factory deffective without a working spark. I know that for a fact because I sent it back to the distributor for them to try out and he told me I was correct. He sent it in for repairs and sent it back to me and It ran, and good like it should, but only for about 15 mintues. If it werent for the shipping costs to czheck republic and month and a half turn around time, I would probably send back my second spark box and have them replace it as well. I had a DLE ignition and decided to try that and it has worked great ever since so I figure why even try to fix the roto motor spark box.