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Default RE: Advice needed please

if i went electric i would get Mugen, Agama, or Losi... wouldnt run Kyosho, serpent, AE or xray. i see Kyosho and AE break alot.... Serpent is nice but drives really weird to me and with xray, you have to drive it really smooth.... i agree with Losi wearing fast but the it seems like the sloppier and more worn out it gets, the better it works. but Mugen is so easy to drive and the harder you drive it the better it works. Agama is like a losi front end with Mugen rear end. it handles nice, kinda best of both worlds. it wears a tad faster than Mugen but last alot longer than Losi. parts are pretty cheap with Agama.

any of the name brands will be good. Xray and Kyosho are the hardest to find parts. Losi and AE are the easiest. mugen and agama are pretty easy to get parts too. Agama is out of Florida so parts to the south are easy and fast to get,