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Default RE: Carbon Fiber Push Rods ??

We do it all the time for pylon airplanes. Here is a site that both sells the parts and explains how to do it: [link=]Darrol Cady[/link]

Scott Hartman does a good job showing it in a couple of his build threads:
[link=]Radio Installation[/link]
[link=]post #78[/link]

I do mine the same basic way with a 1/8" OD (.093" ID) carbon rod, 2-56 (.093" Dia.) control rods, 1/8" ID aluminum tubing & JB weld. If you need a larger rod size, just take the control rod diameter, match it to the ID of the carbon rod, cap the ends with a matching piece of aluminum tubing and assemble it as shown in these examples.

Hope that helps some!