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Default RE: Favorite G62 props

Looking forward to seeing it. Remember, war birds are not IMAC or 3D planes. Most responses will be from those flying relatively lightly loaded aerobatic planes. Sometimes war birds respond better to different solutions. Example, I have a TF Corsair with a Sachs 4.2 on it. The plane just loves a TF 22X6X12 prop. I go with what works and don't worry if it isn't the latest and greatest current choice. Not to say Zoar and Menz aren't good choices, just that sometimes trying something that everyone else poo poos isn't a bad idea.
As to Zinger and TF props, they load an engine less than a Zoar or Menz so go up one size. Say a 22X10 zinger instead of a 22X8 menz. I get a lot of pleasure when I blow by someone with one of those paint stirrers on my plane! Flying at 5000 feet like we do means we need a somewhat different approach to prop choice.