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Default RE: Favorite G62 props

The biggest problem with Zinger props is their horrible quality control. You might get a good one then the next one will have one blade that looks good then the other blade has something like a 1/8" thick square trailing edge or a square LE. A prop that is clearly not usable without complete rework. Wood selection often matches the poor finish work. I won't even discuss the complete lack of balance. Even Top-Flite props are more consistent than Zingers. I would not even consider either brand unless I could hand select them at a local hobby shop. It is so much easier to select a proper size Xoar, or any one of a dozen or more similar props as they are at least consistent in quality and performance.

I agree though, props should be selected for the application rather than just following the masses. So many people just recommend props and engines based on their experiences with light weight, aerobatic planes. A heavy warbird is a whole different animal!