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Default New kit ideas?

So it seems that there is some clamoring for kits, so I must assume there is a market for them to some degree. Assuming this, what kinds of kits do you guys want to see?

I have some ideas. It seems that most flyers are going larger and prefer gas. To me, I think there needs to be some kits that offer a good section of sport type aircraft, i.e. sport pattern, trainer, sport warbird, that are designed around the smaller to mid sized gas engines. Such as the DLE 20- 55.

My club field is dominated with ARF IMAC type aircraft and everyone else flies warbirds. As an instructor, I would like to see a good gas trainer in the 20cc-30cc size. Then I would like to see an Ultra sport/Kaos type design in this size as well.

This could be a future endevour for me. Also, everything would be laser cut and very easy to build. Possibly foam wing option. This is a new era, and I think we need up to date modern kits. I know there are some builders left.

Opinions please