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Default RE: Band saw or scroll saw

I have a 14" band, 16" scroll and 12" table saws and use all three equally. I also have a benchtop versions of the belt/disc and oscillating horizontal belt/spindle sanders and drill press. Having all of these different "toys" to play with has taught me that having the right tool for a job not only saves time, it eliminates ruined parts and frustration. That being said, I didn't buy all of these at once. I started with a 7.5" B&D band saw, then the belt disc followed by the table saw. I found very quickly that each had it's limitations and, as the cash became available, the rest somehow started "appearing" in my garage, the 14" bandsaw only after I wore out the B&D toy after almost 20 years. What may sound surprising is I have two Dremel tools and they hardly ever get used any more