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Default RE: New kit ideas?

i am just getting back in to the airplane kit building and geeeese. when i left just a few years ago there were plenty kits to build. i am having a hard time finding decent kit with a decent price tag. i had a few gassers and plenty of glows. it is auctauly cheaper to buy an arf but still prefer to build, to pass my time. i would like to see a few more kits that is aimed towords the 60 threw 120 size glow. they are still easy to transport to the field. in my case i have a strip of about 1200 feet in my back yard wich is private of course. i prefer top wing kits such as the decathalon, citibra, cub, etc. i dont mind flying a low wing either tho. bipes are cool as well. if you was to put out a kit with a decent price tag and quality parts, people will buy them. key thing is the price tag. i would not want to buy a kit that is priced high when i could cut it out and save a bundle. i admire your concern for producing a kit, but keep in mind that builders have done resorted to doing it all them selfs, because thats were the industries has set the mark. good luck and keep us posted on what your decisions are. charles......