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Default RE: New kit ideas?

Maybe the designers should read this.. Ziroli, Bates, Hostetler, and others frequently modify their designs to fly better. None design 3D models
Yes, that is true. They do change small things here and there....BUT, if you set one of their models besidethe full size aircraft, they will look the same. In other words all the proportions are accurate enough that to the human eye there is NO discernable difference except for the oveall size of the model. You take a Ziroli Mustang and look at it, and it looks like a Mustang. What I am getting at, is you take your average Extra 300 off the shelf, and set it beside a full size one, it does not look the same. The controls are all out of proportion (way oversized), the fuselage is too long (especially tail moment), typically the rudder is the wrong shape and size altogether, and most of them also have had the wing and horizontail stab shifted vertically in relation to the fuselage center line. Simply put, THEYARENOTSCALE!!!! Find a picture of a real Extra, and your typical off the shelf RC one and you will see I am right. Now, guys want to fly 3D, good for them.....I don't. I want a proper scale aerobatic plane to do more IMAC or scale type flying.....I cannot get a kit for one anymore, they are ALL modified for 3D.

That is what I was trying to say before, and was told that it cannot be done, see next quote:

One of the problems is that you can scale the airplane, but you cannot scale the air molecules, and manufacturers frequently enlarge the tail surfaces to make them effective in the downwized version.
I am talking about the ridiculously oversized for 3D, and the modified moments and alignments.

And next, Les, you totally missed the point here,:

"manufacturers" are NOT entering their offerings at Scale Masters. "manufacturers" and providing a product that is intended to do its job and satisfy the customers
I was using the example of aircraft that you see at Scale masters to show that, yes you can scale down an airplane and still maintain the correct outline and size of the controls, and it will fly quite nicely to boot. The list of older kits I gave is the same, some examples to prove that yes it can be done. The original question asked what we would like to see as a kit, my answer is STILL, some proper SCALE aerobatic planes.