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Default RE: New kit ideas?

Hi Rick,

More power to you!

I think the size you're looking at 20cc to 50cc is just about right. Even at the upper end of that size they're getting hard to transport so I think you've picked a good, reasonable size range.

As for planes, you could go the warbird route because there's not a lot of selection for heavy metal in the 70" to 77" range. Sure there's a plan here or there but most stuff is bigger or smaller. 70" to 77" span is a really nice size IMHO.

I'm always partial to racers. I'd love to see good scale representations of golden age racers like the Caudron, Shoenfeldt Firecracker, Wedell Williams, Mr. Mulligan, Jeep, Goon etc. Heck, anything golden age would be nice even if it wasn't a racer.

Then there's always F1s. It would be nice to see Nemesis in this size. Hostetler's is awesome; it's just too big. Same thing with the Mamoth Scale plans Shoestring. Nice but too big.

I wish you great success with this!