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Default RE: 500 Dollars how to pick a radio

Hi Rayzer,

Crow? Strip Ailerons? Sounds like you are flying sailplanes.

If that's the case - for the money you really can't beat picking up a Futaba 9CAPS (used) and getting a 2.4 module, OR a JR 9303/9503 radio.

I fly Futaba, but I know Level V LSF pilots who use the above mentioned JR's on sailplanes that I will never be able to afford. And if you get a JR, get a copy of Radio Carbon Art's (google it) DVD "Radio Basics"... the author shows how to setup everything from an RE to a full-house sailplane - using a JR9303.

Using a Futaba 9CAPS - setting the model type to GLID2FLAP-C (a four-servo wing with conditions) will give you everything you mentioned, including support for Flap->Elevator curves, four conditions (flight modes), etc. And the price is definately right.

Hope this helps... Roger