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Default RE: 1/8 on-road ?

Nah, I disagree, 1/10th race cars are much more forgiving than 1/8th formula lola cars. The ride heights are the same, only one can use rubber tires and be raised higher. A 1/10th (even a belter like the Xray) will do fine in parking lots, as long as there aren't too many small stones to get in the belts.

I agree that the DM-one is the ultimate parking lot on road, but it doesn't give the precision feel that a 'real' on road car gives. I guess we should ask Merc what he's looking for from his on road car. If he doesn't mind drifty rally like handling, sure, one of the OFNAs or the GT2 with conversion (all of swhich I linked in my first post in the thread by the way ), but if he wants that knife edge handling that you can only get from an on road race car, the 1/8th bashers aren't gonna give him that.