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Default Trex 450 Sport - Maiden and first time flip!

So around about mid summer I decided I was going to get into helicopters. I've been flying nitro/gas planes for 5+ years and I wanted a new challenge. So I ordered up a Trex 450 Sport V3 kit and built it the day I got it and then let it sit on the shelf for a few months... Well a few weeks ago I finally decided it was time to get airborne with the thing so I ordered five Turnigy 3s 2200mah packs from hobbyking (I'm absolutely thrilled with these packs btw)

Setup and Maiden
Well I stuck some velcro on my lipo's and stuck one in the heli and the first thing I noticed is that the canopy fit VERY snug over the lipo... it didn't seem to be hurting anything and it balanced out perfectly so I'm not complaining. Next I had to setup the gyro so I went out on the concrete slab in my backyard and spooled her up in rate mode, set the linkage to where it needed to be, then put it in HH mode. So at this point it was ready for the first flight. It was ready, I was not... (and the fact that it's windy and 30 degrees outside didn't help either, flying with cold hands makes me a bit nervous) Spooled it up again and gave it just enough collective to get it off the ground. Keep in mind I've never really flown a helicopter, I've just dinked around with a co-axial a bit and everything I know comes from realflight and fsone. So it started to leave the ground and it also starting to come directly towards me (left and back) and I tried to compensate and not much happened so I compensated a bit more and it darted forward then sideways then back etc, I was giving it too much stick and holding the sticks in position as I've learned to do with flying airplanes... well I got it back to the ground on the skids and in 1 piece and tried a few more times through a few more batteries. I did have one close call where I almost hit something so I shot it in the other direction across the yard. Had to hit the throttle hold and set it down in the grass, it tipped over while spooling down but no damage came of it. After maybe 10 flights I was feeling more comfortable and I got the gyro and rates set up pretty well (I discovered that expo made things harder for my flying style, so no expo), so with my new found confidence I decided to try a flip...
I had to wait for a break in the wind, it's been quite windy up here, and I think that's probably the reason I had a hard time getting it to fly at first. Still in my backyard, put it into stunt2 mode and took her up about 25 feet above my lawn right in the center of the yard. It was a little shaky because of the wind so I decided better get it over with. Put in a little collective and full cyclic and then a little neg collective still full cyclic and then recovered, it was all over in about 1.5 seconds. It was extremely nerve racking because in the simulator I did full collective and it just flipped around... well my swash mix was at 50% and it flipped over a LOT slower than it did in my realflight simulation...

All in all, the flip was successful, was able to keep it in my yard and recover without getting too out of control. I'm still learning a lot about what to adjust and how to do things so I set my swash mix to 70% and did some hovering. It seems more responsive now so I'll try another flip another day. I'm counting my blessings, the flip (kinda looked like a loop actually) was a lot slower and bigger than I anticipated, and I will not be trying this sort of thing again in my backyard until I get a lil better at flying... There really was not enough room. I'll be going to my local flying field sometime soon. It's only a 450 class heli I know, but it's pretty intimidating. I'm not sure the exact headspeed with the 450m motor and the stock pinion, but the sheer sound of it is enough to make me want to stand way back. I'll try to get some pictures and videos up of some hovering, but to make my post not too terribly boring I'll attach a lil picture from my webcam. Maidening and the first few flights were a lot more difficult than I anticipated, but I'm totally hooked now. I'll be looking into a 600 or 700 sized nitro heli by Christmas time I'm sure

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