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Default RE: Trex 450 Sport - Maiden and first time flip!

Yeah, I think I'm going to change my training schedule to a more logical approach, I'm not yet comfortable with nose in hovering. I got 5 packs so I'll be getting a lot of air time, hopefully I'll be doing piro-flips in no time but for now I'm going to be working nose in hovering and forward flight. I practiced on the sim for many months, I can do some cool stunts and inverted hovering etc. Flips are pretty basic but the other stuff (like hovering) doesn't quite translate exactly to real life. The 450 is sturdier than I thought, the one time I put it in the grass it did a bit of a chicken dance while spooling down but nothing was damaged, just some grass stains on the blades. I'm glad I went with the trex rather than a fixed pitch 4 channel. Video is to come, I hope at least some people find this thread kinda interesting