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If you are just using your throttle servo to stop the motor which I am assuming you are I would be pretty sure there lies your interference problem The optic kill switch allows you to remotely kill your electronic ignition equipped engine from your transmitter. The Ignition system is Optically Coupled to isolate your ignition system from your radio system (No Interference!!) yet allow the current to flow the key word here being isolate Fibre optics allowed sensitive equipment to work in electrically noisy environments. they only work on Electronic Ignition they will not work on the older magneto motors what you are experiencing e.g. glitches I got 20 years ago when we used to convert old chain saw motors to gas plane motors before you start ripping wires out and hair I would put one in there cheap and stop ALL interference I personally would not run any plane without one other advantage is that if on the odd chance your tx was to fail (e.g. lipo battery cell drop of which I have seen) the motor will stop as power is required to keep the circuit working look at it this way with a normal contact switch which is a crude bimetallic contact mix that with the normal vibration of a gas motor plus everything is in a relatively close area and you have interference as any friction on a vibrating switch causes a radio signal which your RX will pick up causing your servos to twitch fockewulf 37 was on to it long ago when he asked you where your kill switch was and you responded by saying the throttle servo if that being the case fit a optic kill switch and it should sort it out just my 10 cents worth cheers [:-]
Hi SM,

My throttle and choke servo is up front mounted on the top of the engine box. I close the throttle butterfly to stop the engine. The Ign system is on the underside of the engine box, no switch at the moment, just plug the ign unit/battery wires together. The ign system is not wired through anything, totally isolated.
I understand the throttle and choke are a closer proximity to the ign box than ideal, but they are 5" apart.
The throttle and choke do not glitch when the engine is running and the wing is disconnected, only when it's all hooked up, this is what has led me to believe there may be a wiring fault in the wing.

Vertical Grimmace,

The dora you picture is fitted with a Z45, it is Phil Clarkes from Fighteraces, I think you'd struggle to hide a 62 in the 190 cowl.