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Default RE: Mounting the Zenoah G-38

The G-38 doesn't care how it's mounted. It'll suck fuel, start, and run in any position.

It's almost always mounted with the cylinder pointing down in scale applications, but that's mainly so that it will cowl in nicely and hide well for those scale applications.

For mounting in a big Telemaster, upright is just fine, although I don't think that it would matter from the standpoint of cooling. With the Telemaster, it'll be in the airstream no matter how you mount it so you will get equal cooling no matter what.

The single reason for probably mounting it upright with the cylinder up in the Telemaster is because it (the spark plug and cylinder) won't take the brunt of impact in a crash or nose-over. On the other hand, the prop hub/shaft is more exposed to the ground that way, so you can take your pick if you want to bend or break some fins in a hard nose-hit landing, or bend the crank.

Personally, what I would do is pick which way I think looks best on the Telemaster. Then if you can't make a good decision on that, all that's left is to flip a coin for your best method of mounting.