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Default RE: Official Muggy thread

ORIGINAL: evaderstbasher

Hey, its coming along nicely. Pictures tomorrow afternoon sometime hopefully. I piut those bearings in the steering post, 6x10x3 and the steering is tight. Like it is binding? The only thing I see that I can't remember how it goes is the servo saver side. I put a bearing on top and bottom but it seems like the metal servo saver tube is binding on the chassis, the steering post isn't showing on the bottom of the tube like on the opposite side. The bearing and post go inside the tub and sit flush on the steering saver side. Any ideas or do the bearings make it harder to turn? I haven't tried the bushings and seeing it that is the problem. Let me know,


You might just need a really thin spacer so that only the inner bearing race sits against the chassis. If the whole bearing (inner and outer) sits against the chassis it will act as a 1 solid piece of metal and drag.

I just took my steering apart to grease the bushings. While it has less drag it was just a temp solution until the bearings show up.