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Default RE: Official Muggy thread

I have an Aftershock (now its pretty much an XXL) and have had in the past an E-Maxx and Revo. I also recently purchased D8T and love the way it handles. The Muggy I picked up drives really odd. It acted like a rear wheel drive car and on our ice and snow covered ground it was hard to accelerate straight. I also notice that the center diiff. was quite tight. Having never had a car with a center diff that I needed to adjust (the D8T was brand new and all setup by a racer who never got to use it) I had no idea that the center diff could have caused this. In my research I see that a looser center diff will cause more of a 50/50 power transfer to the front wheels and get back the proper acceleration on loose surfaces that I want. I do remember the previous owner mentioning he wanted it to wheelie so he put extremely thick oil in the center diff and yes it felt very tight. I'll be changing fluid when I also throw in a 50t spur. I look forward to better driving. I thought I would throw this out there in case someone else was having similar issues.

I suppose acquiring a used Muggy that needed a bit of work caused me to research and now I have come away a bit more learned on center diffs.

Thanks used Muggy for saving me money and teaching me some thing new........