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Default RE: Where have all the deltas gone?

ORIGINAL: Crazy4Flight

Most have tried the limited market and and gave up. Production costs, sales and profit margin.

Holy smoke (midwest kit?) long out of production. Midwest has not added to the product line in a very long time.

Whiplash ACM has been swamped with orders for target drones.

Phenom... well mine was very heavy. 5.5 pounds never flew on a speed prop. I dont know if Oakdale is still around

Not to many guys want hand launch - belly land planes.

Yep, you wont be rolling in gold making RC kits or planes, you got to have passion to make and share something amazing grant money. It takes time and skill that most don't or can't pay for. I love kits or arf's, they're a deal. When you buy the low volume materials to scratch build yourself, it's very costly when you add up all the nickle and dimes.

The Whiplash and more so the Phenom were on the bit heavy side which make them a harder to get airborne without planting it in . Both are probably the fastest out of a dive because of weight, low and clean frontal area. Around the field thou, the Diamond Dust and Demon are much more agile if one knows how to set up the throws.

Hand launch and belly landings have always been things that I don't look forward to, but for the most part have conquered. Gee, I can't imagine why a newbie wouldn't want to let go of a screaming meat cutter! But I guess that's what weeds out the speed junky from the sport flyer.

Mostly, I think it's fear of speed and crashing why there are fewer glow powered deltas are sold. Also, are the mistaken beliefs that they are hard to fly or have bad flying characteristics, nothing can be further from the truth, it's all in how radical you want it and throttle setting. Fly a properly setup Outlaw and your a delta fan for life. Some of the larger wheeled Deltas are real puddycats.