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Default RE: Where have all the deltas gone?

ORIGINAL: Mustang Fever

I don't disqualify the Shrike as a delta because it has a tail, but because the root chord of the wing is too short in relation to the tip chord to give it the high alpha delta characteristics (due to vortex flow). If you get a bit slow with the Shrike, and get the nose up too high, it will stall and spin just like a straight wing aircraft. (Experience talking ) Deltas just sink when you do that.

An example of a true delta with a tail is the A-4 Skyhawk, and another is the Northstar. I'm sure you guys can come up with others.

I killed a Whiplash with a terminal flat spin. I slowed it down(my first mistake) to see what it would do with sticks in the different corners (mistake #2). I was real high, so I thought I could get it out of anything (there's #3), well I tried everything and only managed to spin it faster. Defiantly no joy when it went spat on the tarmac. Amazing how fast it could descend with that much area presented in the direction of travel. It ain't no Outlaw, that will pop right out.

The Whiplash was a tough plane, cut a lot of brush and dirt clods with it, but it couldn't take the punch from the bottom.[&o]