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Default Sig Astro Hog @ 150% ?

Hi guys!! My second airplane after my trainer was a Sig Astro Hog with an OS 60. I loved that plane. I wrecked it during my second flying season.
Actually, I destroyed the fuselage...I do still have the wing. So recently I purchased, from Sig, another full kit. I figure the extra wing won't hurt to have around. I'll build the fuse and use the older wing.

The real reason for this post is to ask about the same airplane enlarged - to say...150% (or more ?). I've been watching a local hobby shop in town that took on- trade a clean Saito 90 flat twin. I'm wanting to build a plane around that engine. And I thought of the Astro Hog / enlarged. I've built several planes from scratch so I believe I can build the plane.

What do you guys thing?? Any better suggestions for that engine?

I await your seasoned and respected wisdom... ;-) Mikie