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Default RE: Sig Astro Hog @ 150% ?

Thanks Guys for your input. Yep, I guess I was figuring a Hog at 71 inches X 1.5 = 107 inch wingspan. Some day I would like to try to put one together. I've never tried to increase the size of a super successful plane like the Astro Hog. I have read, in many of the threads, here at R C Universe, that folks have done it and have had lots of fun during the process.
About the Saito engine... I guess I keep forgetting just because it is a twin and larger than the standard two stroke single cylendar engine for that plane, it's really not all that much bigger.
I will finish the build of the standard size Astro Hog and install the Saito 90 twin. As you guys mentioned, it shouldn't be overpowered, it should fly well and as is usual for me it will be an oddity at the field. I like that. And it will give us all something to talk about.

Thanks for your input!!! Mikie