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Default RE: Did Hitec drop the ball??

I have had 3 servos fail catastrophically in the last 10 years. All 3 resulted in crashes. One was on the throttle and occurred at a very inopportune time, the other two were both on the rudder and went full deflection (50 degs - both were on Extras) leading to a crash. Even though the planes were placed into a "slip", upon arriving at the landing and being unable to correct the "slip", they tumbled on contact with the ground and were destroyed. The servos were different brands (major brands) and just shows any servo can fail. One was on it's 6th flight so was fairly new, one was still relatively new (less than 25 flights) and the third had over 200 flights. That's not necessarily high though as I have servos with more than 500 flights and still work great.

I once had great confidence in Hitec but alas they "dropped the ball".