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Default RE: Back when model airplanes were cool...

I think I had one of the COX U-control planes, but honestly, have no memory of flying it. I do remember launching one of the Guillow's DrI kits with a little PeeWee 020 into the wind free-flight...a flight that lasted just long enough for it to do one quick loop and a nose dive into the ground.

I'm not sure I'm feeling "nostalgic" per se, since I really didn't start flying or building RC until 2003. Do I miss the atmosphere of the rather chaotic and musty hobby shops, with stuff for the train guys, plastic models, balsa kits and balsa wood, not to mention little bottles of chemicals and bunsen burners and beakers from Edmund's scientific. BTW, more than once, I ended the life of one of my Guillow's WWI models by attaching a balloon filled with the hydrogen I made myself by putting zinc in hydrochloric acid, both of which I could buy at the hobby shop.