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Default RE: Back when model airplanes were cool...

Like Abu, I didn't start RC until fairly recently (2005). I started building balsa models in around 1970-71 and got the Cox PT-19 when I was about 12 years old (ca 1973). I got it to fly a few times but it smashed up.

I loved those old hobby shops and actually my LHS today is pretty darn close to what they were like. The one thing that I didn't like back then was that the guys who ran the shops in my hometown (not where I live now) and the guys in the hobby who hung out there were NOT interested in talking to a kid. I was dying to learn about RC, there was a local club and all, but I could not get anyone to talk to me in any encouraging or friendly way. I was just a pain in the * to them I guess. So I concluded that RC was not for me and forgot about it until I was in my mid 40s.

We can make a difference for our hobby if we take the time to talk to kids and share our enthusiasm.